Power Steering

Designed to make turning corners, navigating through busy streets and tight spaces a breeze. The front swivel wheels, tight turn radius and fully adjustable handlebar, make the URBAN is easy to push and manoeuvre with one hand whilst the large wheels at the back add to the smooth ride.

Puncture Free

No terrain is too rough for the big foam-filled tires, which also makes going up onto and off sidewalks smooth and seamless. Lock the front wheels to the 2-wheel position for an easier ride through gravel, sand or snow.

Cushion the ride

URBAN's advanced suspension, combined with premium fabrics and soft padding provide the ultimate comfort and support. The large wheels and advanced adjustable front suspension create a smooth, steady ride for your child whether they are in the carrycot or the seat. Suitable for city walks as much as the country walks. Meaning longer naps, and more time for you.

Light yet Strong

Light enough to go everywhere and strong enough to last. Despite being ultra lightweight at only 5 kg the URBAN can still hold a growing child of up to 22 kg or 48 months. Drive and steer with one-hand and the lightest of touches, lift and store easily thanks to high quality, lightweight materials.

Close to you

Nothing is more important than keeping your child elevated. Unlike most pushchairs that are very low to the ground, close to road car pollution we designed the URBAN to seat your child at 56 cm in a healthier, fresh air breathing space. A revolutionary concept designed in the interest of your child.

Slim Fit

The URBAN pushchair is narrow enough to manage a standard doorway and folds down in one piece for stress-free storage and transportation. Giving you the peace of mind of no obstacles when you are on the move and in a rush.