Is the pushchair suitable from birth?

Yes, the seat unit converts into a carrycot. Use the carrycot mode from birth up to 6 months. When your child is 6 months+ you then convert the carrycot into the seat unit position. 

Is the carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping?

Yes, the carrycot can be used for overnight sleeping. We have designed the carrycot with side vents and a large rear vent that opens up to allow a natural air flow into the carrycot.

How long is delivery?

Please visit the Delivery Section by pressing here

How long is the warranty?

12 months from the date of purchase. Please visit our warranty section for more information.

How much does it cost to return my order?

We do not offer a return collection service - please contact your local courier.

How long can I use my stroller for?

The URBAN P1 has the following usability:

  • Carry cot system upto 6 months / 9kg / or when your child can sit unaided.
  • Seat unit system upto 48 months / 22kg
  • The maximum weight that can be carried in the shopping basket is 5kgs.

Is the handlebar adjustable?

The handle bar has 5 different height positions.

What car seats can I use on the URBAN P1 pushchair?

The following brands are compatible to use with the Universal car seat adapters:

  • BEBYLUX | Approved + Recommended
  • Besafe
  • Cybex
  • Joie
  • Kiddy
  • Maxi Cosi
  • Nuna
  • Recaro

My child has bitten the bumper bar, what should I do?

Although our foam material which covers the bumper bars has been tested for bite resistance a determined child may still be able to bite the bumper bar. We would strongly recommend that a child within the pushchair is harnessed in at all times which can restrict access to the bumper bar and that any biting should always be discouraged. If your bumper bar does become damaged, please email our Support Team on info@urbanpushchairs.com who will be happy to assist you further. Please note that where replacement bumper bars are required this is a chargeable service.

What accessories are available?

Footmuff, Seat liner, Universal Car seat adaptors, Raincover, Summer insect net, cup holder, 3D mattress and food tray.

What are the colour options?

You can customise your pushchair to your own bespoke look and preference. The available canopy covers are:

  • Special Edition : Dino Black Eco Leather
  • Black Fabric
  • White Fabric
  • Grey Fabric
  • Pink Fabric
  • Blue Fabric
  • Brown Fabric
  • Teal Fabric
  • Yellow Fabric
  • Green Fabric

The available wheel finishes are:

  • Outer Gloss Black ring with inner Matte Black centre section.
  • Outer Gloss White with inner Matte Black centre section.

The available handle finishes are:

  • Premium Black (Hand-stitched)
  • Premium Brown (Hand-stitched)

Disclaimer : Colours on the custom builder are for illustration purposes only. The actual shade of colour for all items may vary slightly from the image shown in the preview.

Can I buy spare parts for my URBAN P1?

Yes, please visit the pushchair accessories section under the SHOP heading.

Can I replace the handle bar foam on my URBAN P1 stroller?

No, the handle bar foam is applied during the manufacturing process. If the foam becomes damaged the complete handle bar will need to be replaced.

What wheels can I use on my URBAN P1 pushchair?

The URBAN P1 pushchair wheels only. (All-terrain/Jogger wheels are not compatible)

Can I carry additional items on my URBAN P1 pushchair?

The only place to carry bags/shopping is in the shopping basket provided. Bags must not be hung from the handle bar as this may damage the handle bar and chassis.

Can I use a Buggy Board on my pushchair?

Like all major pushchair brands we do not recommend the use of a Buggy Board, the use of a Buggy Board puts stress on the chassis where it is not designed to carry weight this will void your warranty.

Can I use my pushchair without the bumper bar?

Yes, the URBAN P1 pushchair may be used without the bumper bar.

How do I open and close my pushchair?


Release the hold together clip, allow front frame of chassis to move forwards, lightly pushing down on main folding hubs. Lift up handle until locks engage.

*Ensure that all the locking devices are engaged before use*


*Ensure all items (seat unit/carrycot/car seat adaptors) are removed from the chassis before folding as this may damage the chassis.*

Apply the foot brake. Gently pull on the stroller locks on both the left and right side simultaneously. As the locks release, gently fold the chassis downwards allowing the front frame and wheel to move inwards. Secure folded chassis using hold together clip.

Can I purchase just a main seat unit for my URBAN P1 pushchair?

No, the main seat units are not available to buy separately.

Where are my serial and batch numbers?

The serial and batch numbers are on the white sticker underneath the shopping basket