' From the very beginning the concept for URBAN was simple. Let's do everything that others can't... '  BEBYLUX DESIGN TEAM



Let's think different. When the innovative design team at BEBYLUX sat down at the drawing table in 2017 they wanted to reconceptualize the modern pushchair. The idea was always simple, a pushchair that is comfortable, safe, compact, smart, durable, fashionable, adaptable, simple, timeless design and most of all affordable. A pushchair that can be taken to the park on a muddy day, to a glamorous shopping trip a few hours later and then be used as a high chair for dinner! That would be a dream right? Guess what we did it ... and its real! 

We were so proud of what we have created that we decided to give URBAN its own brand identity. It's special. 



Test it, try it, improve it... The first concept URBAN pushchairs was born and put through real tests with real mums. We made several clever improvements through suggestions that came from real mums. For example:

  • Removable Basket : Remove the basket from the chassis in seconds and throw it in the wash. 
  • 2 x Brakes : Double the safety, we added the braking system to each back wheel. This means that you're safe even if one was to fail. 
  • Large Air Vents on each side of the carrycot : Improved ventilation in the summer and allows for occasional overnight sleeping if your staying away from home.



URBAN was finally launched in 2019 at the annual Baby Exhibition and was an instant success. To date we have catered to customers all over the world with 1000s of happy customers.   


One of the most common question we received online was where can I see it in person? ... We listened to you ! 

In January 2022 we opened our first ever BEBYLUX flagship store in Birmingham. This revolutionary new store is designed to give you the full BEBYLUX experience.

...We offer a full customisation service exclusively in store - create your own style!...

We even have a luxury car inside where we can demo our car seats and offer you training. You can even fold the URBAN pushchair and test how compact it is in the boot! If your considering of buying an URBAN we really hope that you will visit our store. 

To find the store CLICK HERE